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Whenever I'm running anything that uses Direct3D such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or Borderlands, after some time (anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes) I'll get a screen flicker and a TDR alert from Windows 7 (the driver nvlddmkm.sys has crashed but Windows recovered it) and the game will either redraw (and the problem will continue if I keep playing), crash (and the problem will continue if I reopen the game), or bluescreen (and make me cry tears of bitter suffering and anguish). I've tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling the drivers, letting it run using W7's built-in drivers, doing all of the above in Safe Mode, System Restore, and every permutation and combination thereof. I'm at wit's end with this thing, and the other 20 or 30 (no hyperbole) threads I've looked at have had nothing working.

Here's the Windows error report (just for the BCCode, really):
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA80084014E0
BCP2: FFFFF8800FF71A20
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1
From what I can figure out, the problem isn't as much in the bluescreens as it is in the TDRs: the bluescreens are just reactions to too-long TDRs (thus the 116). I've had this computer working on W7 for over a year now, no problems. Had Vista for a while, then did a complete wipe-install of OEM W7 Home Premium x64. Also, from what I've seen in my searches, this crash only affects 64-bit users. I really wouldn't have too much of a problem switching to x86, but I'd rather not spend 100$ when I could do this with some elbow grease. Help?


PS: View attachment System Specs.txt
PPS: Memory.jpg and SPD1.png

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Spaph, please follow my signature, and welcome. I'm moved your post to a new thread because all cases are different and must not be confused with each other.

TDR timeouts happen for literally dozens of reasons. I'll need all that info to figure it out for you, or tell you that you have a defective card, instead.

Edit: My bad. Forgot to tell you we need the actual crash dumps too. C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder then zip them. Attach along with the 2 jpg screen shots.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

That's really strange, Minidump is empty. I let it dump all the way from the BSOD, it rebooted itself and all that. Let me try to recreate the issue. I've had it happen 3 or 4 times now.

Also, I added the screenshots above.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

If necessary after some time trying otherwise, you can force a bsod like this:

Force a BSOD

Your memory is set well in the bios. If the only bsods you are having are the 0x116 and nothing else, then the memory is for sure not defective either.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Oh, that's why. It's set to do a full kernel dump to MEMORY.DMP instead of a minidump, is that good enough (or is it too much)?

EDIT: No dice, that's not there either. I set it to do a minidump. Going to continue my quest to crash once again.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Set it to small memory dump. Yep.

Going on a whim here:

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers

If you have pcouffin.sys, delete it then reboot.

If you have sptd.sys, please tell me.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Lots of issues. Follow and it will be fine.

1) Uninstall Hamachi completely.

2) Must update NVIDIA network driver:

nvm62x64 nvm62x64.sys Fri Oct 17 17:01:06 2008

To do so, download my attachment then extract. Go in folder and copy the .sys file. Paste it over the one at C:\Windows\System32\drivers then reboot.

3) Go back to same driver folder from previous step and delete these ancient known problem causing drivers:

OA002Vid OA002Vid.sys Fri Aug 01 05:34:52 2008
OA002Ufd OA002Ufd.sys Tue Jun 03 05:30:37 2008
OA002Afx OA002Afx.sys Fri Jun 08 04:00:36 2007

Reboot. If you want your capture card to work again, then visit Creative's site to download the newest driver package. If the drivers are not newer than July 2009, then don't even think of installing. Simply remove the card from the machine, instead.


Have fun gaming and enjoy.


Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Sadly, problem not solved. Hamachi uninstalled, nvm62x64 updated, rebooted, OA002 drivers deleted, rebooted, played WoW for maybe 5 minutes, oh boy here we go again: blink play blink play blink crash. No BSOD this time, though; I didn't let it go on for long enough before I killed the exe. Got a thinking cap lying around that we could try on? :((

Oh, and what's all this about a capture card? I don't have one. I have a monitor that's been giving me troubles with the mics (stereo mics, one on each side of the camera) and the aforementioned webcam, but no cap-card. :confused:

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

New crash dumps are the only thing that can help to see if everything has been done well.

If so, the card may be defective.

You'll also want to update your motherboard bios to newest right now.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Mkay, let's go BSOD-huntin' again. I'll edit this post with the dump once I get one.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Yep, and in case you missed my edit from previous post, update your motherboard bios to newest.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Got it to crash again.

View attachment 121210-18985-01.dmp

Found newest BIOS to be 5 revs higher than mine, brb whilst I flash this box of terrors and try again.

Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Very good job on the drivers and what I said. Excellent.

This leaves only 3 possibilities.

1) You really did need that bios update and it is fixed.

2) Your PSU is insufficient for the load on your system while gaming. (Do you know the model or if not, the watt rating? And which exact video card, too?)

3) If not 2 or 3, the video card is defective. Remove it from the system and run with onboard video instead, to test.


You can also try using Driver Sweeper in safe mode to clear all NVIDIA video files (leave chipset files alone.)

Reboot and install latest driver again:

Phyxion.net | Driver Sweeper | Products | Products


Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Apparently I was a bit lazy the day I installed Windows 7, because I don't have the admin password written down in the "Notebook Of All Things Pertaining To This Computer" or anywhere else for that matter. Had to bust out ONTP&RE and reset it. Installing BIOS now, afterwards I'll Driver Sweeper the gfx drivers and install 260.99 for the 9001st time.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Did that next, as Dell said "no can do" with the reset blank password. Logged on Admin, changed the password, rebooted, and still no dice from the BIOS installer. :mad:

EDIT: Nevermind, my bad. It meant the BIOS password (which I had set for some reason; luckily I remembered it). BIOS updated, sweepinating my gfx drivers now.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Okay, so I flashed the BIOS, rebooted, uninstalled the gfx drivers, rebooted, Sweeped the remnants away, rebooted, reinstalled the drivers, rebooted, and then went to test it again. Hard gfx driver crash: solid gray screen, no response. Shut down, opened 'er up, took down some stats from the power supply, rebooted, posted this on the forums.

Max Output: 750W
+5V: 30A
+3.3V: 30A
+12V(1,2,3,4): 18A
+5VSB: 3A
-12V: .3A
+5V and +3.3V must not exceed 220W
+12V must not exceed 732W
EDIT: Oh, and I have an NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT. No overclocking (factory or otherwise), and no problems at all until now.

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Sorry for the triple post, but I feel it'd be easy to miss if I edited the previous post. It seems to be working now. I'll keep you updated if it dies once more, but for now, thank you a ton! :)

EDIT: They're still happening, but not nearly as frequent nor as violent. Just a 2 second blink, then back to normal.
EDIT2: Though that may just be luck, it just did a more painful flicker, and crashed the game. Any more ideas?
EDIT3: Bluescreens still happening. ****. View attachment 121210-16255-01.dmp

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Re: Bluescreen cause of Nvidia drivers, I think?

Although not directly related.... I dl'd the trial of WoW for my grandson who's visiting (OK, me really!!) and I'm running the bog standard built in G31(?) graphics. I get a lot of flickering, but then again I was surprised when it actually ran! The reason I'm posting is to say, if we (I) go anywhere near the "Old Town" we get a couple of lock ups/freezes which will inevitably be followed by a good old 116 TDR error, no dumps generated. I'm just wondering if this is an area of the game you're getting locked up with? Maybe a game glitch? More likely my lack of a semi decent graphics card? At the moment we are (I am) avoiding that part/area of the game like the plague. Only two days of trial left so I personally am not going to worry about it, I'll worry if it ever happens with my Photoshop type stuff though!

Just a thought. Ramble over. Carry on!!

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