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Jan 18, 2013
Hello everyone!
I'm new here. Sry for my english, but I'm only an average austrian boy!

For some time now, I've big troubles with BSoDs. It began in the end of November. From that on, they appeared from time to time - around one time a day.
With only one exception, they all were 0x124. (I'm note quite sure, but I think, it was a 0x9. But absolutely not sure.)

I registered on one (non professional) forum and ask what to do. The only advice they could give me was to clean the fan and renew the thermal compound ("Wärmeleitpaste"?).
So I did this, but nothing got better. (Hope, I did it right)
(I am not sure about a heating problem, because sometimes when I get these, the surface on my laptop is "cold".)

Now a little bit about my laptop:
2.5 years old - It's a
Acer Aspire 5740G
It has 4GB RAM, i5-460m, hd radeon 5650
Windows 7 HP, 64 bit

If further details required, I would try to collect these.

The bluescreens appear very randomly - and I'm not a gamer. 98% of the time I'm using it, I'm on the Internet. But it also happens if I'm not.
After restart, Windows 7 says, that there is a problem, but for further use, it runs normal.

But starting with yesterday, after one randomly crash, and restart, it crashed again, around 10 mins later. And one more time 10 mins later. Then I didn't want to continue, so I turned it off. Today, this happened again. Alltogether, it crashed around 7 times within 2hours of use now. That's way to much -.-

In the mid of December, I did some system-analysing-tools (Heat-logger --> didn't logged something spectecularly), MemTest, Prime95 and a HDD-testing tool from my HDD-producer (Western Digital I think it was) for my own. Without any results.
I didn't overclocked my laptop or whatever could be possible.

In the last week of December, I re-set up my Windows 7. (Acer automatically took a place on the HDD for setting the laptop into original condition.)

Hmm... yeah. I think that's all I tried.

I'm gonna add some things requested by you in the attachements.
(GPU-Z pics, GPUZ-Log, RAMMon-Log, An overview-screenshot from an BSOD-Viewer-Tool, and of course the logs from the Windows7Diagnostic-Tool from this forum here).
Hope, all is alright.
One more little thing to say:
Nearly all BSoDs look like this. It isn't a clear blue screen - there are many othercoloured pixels, that "moves". (A kind of flicker)
The other BSoDs that doesnt look like these are only "black screens". I can't see anything. But after this, there's no difference between "blue BSoD" and "black BSoD". It restarts normally, and the same log on Windows [Eventmonitor] ("Ereignisanzeige"?)

Hope, anyone may have a clue what's wrong with my laptop!
Greetings from Austria!

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