For many months I have been successfully running a homegroup where my W8.1 laptop PC connects wirelessly to my Vista Desktop.

However I am now getting the 0x80070035 error when I try to access the Vista PC from the W8.1 PC. I can still successfully access the W8.1 PC from the Vista PC.

Can anybody help?

Unfortunately not. I have seen this post before and tried all of the suggestions that I can. No matter what I try my W8.1 laptop can no longer access either the files on my Vista desktop or the printer attached to it.
The post does talk about using the IP address of my Vista desktop from the w8.1 laptop but I do not know how I to find the IP address of the Vista desktop.

Thank you - I successfully found the IP address: However, when I used it in Windows Explorer I got the screen shown in the image 'IP Address'.
The image 'Network via WE' shows that w8.1 laptop (called DavidPC) can see the desktop vista pc (called PhotoPC), however trying to expand PhotoPC by clicking on it results in the error screen shown in the image 'Access Problem'.

I have also now noticed that I cannot access the W8.1 laptop from the vista desktop (which I used to also be able to do).



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I'm going to ask a friend to have a look at your thread as he has vastly more experience than I when it comes to networking.


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These "network path was not found" types of problems are generally related to third party security suites. Either the installation or update / upgrade of such products can often times result in this issue, so...
I would start there. If you are using or have in the recent past used products such as Norton / Symantec, McAfee, AVG, etc., uninstall them using the control panel, programs and features applet and then Google for the vendor specific, proprietary removal tool and get rid of any and all remnants of said product.
Additionally it may sometimes be linked to credential corruption so check the credential manager on both machines and get rid of any credentials on either machine pointing to the other and attempt to connect again at which point you should be prompted for credentials again. Enter the MachineName followed by a backslash "\", then the username (the machine name you are attempting to access and a user name on that machine with proper permissions to access the shares you are trying to get to) and that user's password on that machine. Do not use usernames without passwords, you need to use properly configured usernames and passwords.
Lastly make sure both machines are members of the same "Work Group", and that there are no duplicate machine names or IP address on the network.
Make sure you can ping one machine from the other using the IP address as well as the NetBIOS name of each machine if either or both of these fail then you likely have an issue with a third party security suite and I would suggest again that you get rid of them and go back to using Microsoft Security Essentials and the native windows Firewall product on both until such time as you can resolve this issue.
Norton Removal tool = https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us
AVG Removal tool = http://www.avg.com/us-en/utilities
McAfee Removal tool = https://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101331
You can find other using Google.

EDIT: Sorry forgot to also mention to double check the dates and times settings on both computers and assure that they are the same.

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The only thing I can add to this is check the homegroup settings… it’s generally best to have older operating systems like Vista or 7 connect to the newer windows 8 homegroups rather than trying to make one of the 8’s connect to Vista.

Advantage; windows 8 supports multiple homegroups on the one machine i.e. one for your old Vista that just shares the photos and another one going to the modern systems like server 12 or a fellow 8 machine which also has the music synced.

Disadvantage; your Vista machine will only see the homegroup when the windows 8 machine is on the network and this may lead someone to mistakenly create a NEW Vista homegroup… typically messy and best avoided ime.


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create a NEW Vista homegroup
I wasn't even aware that such a thing could actually happen.
It was my understanding the HomeGroups were a product of Windows 7 or newer.
Although I will admit to not having ever even considered using them, WorkGroups have always served me well.


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No that’s my bad… in the case of Vista it is just a share… I also tend to think of 7 as the lowest common denominator.

p.s @dmrlondon
Vista to windows 8 or 8.1.1 (at home networks)… your easiest username = the Microsoft email account. So if you tell Microsoft that your name is Sally and your email address is tomshardware@hotmail.com then when Vista asks for a user name to connect to the windows 8 computer just put tomshardware@hotmail.com and whatever the password is… I don't recommend doing this in a domain environment but its fine for home usage.

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