0x80070070 error

Windows 10 will not download and install because of error 0x80070070. Does anyone know how to fix error and accomplish the download. I would like to take advantage of the free down load which expires July 29


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Error is 70 is FULL_DISK, not enough disk space. I think that's pretty self explanatory


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Thanks, neemo.

@Joseph: You'll need at least 9.3GB of free space on the C: bootdrive of whatever computer you attempt the W10 upgrade on. You really will need more than that; the officially accepted amount is 25% free space of the total formatted capacity of the hard drive. For example on a 500GB hard drive, you have 465GB formatted capacity. 25% free on that drive would mean you need at least 116.25GB free in order for W10 to run properly AFTER you successfully upgrade to W10!! Step #1 is having enough free space for the W10 installer program to perform the upgrade. Step #2 is having enough free space on your hard drive for W10 to run properly, and this means no BSODs, Black Screens, hangs, freezes, boot-loops, or other error messages or mis-performing devices such as Graphics cards, Sound cards, network/wifi adapters, etc.
If your computer doesn't meet this criteria; you need to backup or delete a whole bunch of stuff to external media, wipe your drive and start over.


1 Clean up your PC with Disk Cleanup, move things to a removable drive or the cloud, and try again.
2 Reduce the needed disk space to install Windows upgrade. If you choose not to install the latest build, you need to free up at least 2.5 GB space for windows 10.
3 Extend your system drive with Easeus partition master.

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