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This screen appeared :

Before windows loaded. Precursors to this included :
All freezes for seconds\minute the unfreezes, sometimes while cpu 100% sometimes not. It also could freeze and show BSOD and start scandisk or something. It occured more often in-game (wic) but also on desktop.

I suspect the WD1000GB SATA HD because it wolud sometimes not detect it, as well as freezing problem seemed to improve after touching the SATA cables a bit (but the same day the black screen occured).
Also it was randomly giving me "overcloking failed" message - press F2 to load default settings. Previous user tryed overclocking but now it`s not set to it.

Right now anyway all I get is that screen on photo.
Windows 7 Ultimate N, Asus P5RD1-VM, P4 3.0Ghz, 1024DDR2. An old hard drive with XP is working ok on the same PC.

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You give what happened, but did not mention what you have done to correct the problem.

Did you reset the bios to the defaults?

Did you do a startup repair on your system or some other procedure as the message suggests?

Does reseating or completely changing the Hard drive connectors really help? One may be damaged, they can be fragile.

What bit version of Win 7 are you running 32 or 64?


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32 bit. I tryed to system repair via winCD and it executed system restore or something and it didn`t help.
Then I just formatted and installed fresh but - it recognized only 3 of 5 disk drive (all of same HDD).
Before that I resized two of the drives with `EASEUS Partition Master 8.0.1 Home Edition` but I did so for the drives he actually recognized. (I accessed those drives through another OS which is installed on another HDD).
It would see them in disc management but it can`t assign drive letter, it says : Disk Management Console view is not up-to-date
even the program can`t assign letter ot mess with the size.


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Windows 7 only recognizes 4 primary partitions on a drive. If you have more and none are logical, then it will cause problems.

Edit: I should be more clear. You can have 4 primary partitions, or 3 primary and 1 extended. Inside the extended you can have multiple logical partitions. If you have 5, then only 3 could be primary and the other 2 would have to be logical. Does your drive setup fit these parameters?

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it`s 1 primary c: and 4 logical.
d: is ok.
e: is accessible but has a ! mark on it an unresizable (in management programs)
f: unseen in explorer, seen in Disc Management but won`t assign letter
g: unseen in explorer, seen in Disc Management but won`t assign letter

I`m opening a new Thread with a new title :

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