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Mar 25, 2006
You know a lot has been said regarding not wiping out production machines w/ a beta OS.

There is a reason or another reason that I haven't seen mentioned that is maybe THE most important.

Betas are unsupported!

An End User running a beta OS, if, they were to ring MS Tech Support, would be told, "Sorry, there is no support available for that OS, it is a beta".

Running a beta, you are 100% on your own.

This is entirely true, and no release of Windows 8, except for the final retail release/OEM versions should be considered for production use whatsoever. With that being said, the use at your own risk disclaimer does stand. However, as a forum site that is part of the greater Windows community, we will still try to provide help and assistance to those unlucky individuals who are having difficulty with this software. It is even remotely possible that some problems with compatibility will still make it into the final version, and so documenting those problems now could help countless individuals down the road. All different types of members are welcome, but it is nearly impossible to render support without having some system specs available, as well as the condition/specifications of the system and build of the operating system being installed.
I agree with Mike. Of course, I am certain that most of those who are using the beta as there primary, are aware of the future problems. In some cases, they are prepared to reinstall on that eventful expiry day. Everyone has there preferences, but, in the former case, provided they do not use it too much for creating new documents or private data- or without backing it up, no harm done. For various personal reasons, I occasionally reinstall my primary OS, together with my software. My private/personal data is constantly backed up.
As Mike says, help is abundant, with or without Microsoft, whether it be a Beta or a very ancient legacy - it is the whole reason for being a forum of this nature. fwiw, For example, I belong to a forum where members are enthusiastically discussing tips and hacks for pre Windows 95 OSs
The problem we've been seeing is, actually, a huge # of ppl who have ended up w/ a beta as their 1 & only, getting backed in a corner that they didn't know or realise would happen... w/ no (nice, preplanned) way out... they lacked knowledge & things backfired on them... there are many, many naïve, innocents... who don't know enough to know better. Not techy, computer savvy sorts doing calculated things on purpose. There's more "OOppps" ppl than you may think.

To repeat, of course, there is peer support. Point was, only, that the support that can be had from MS for or with their products, is not available for betas.

Yes, yes, we know all that. & we know there is support other than what I was siting. None of that alters the fact that MS does not support betas. Sure there is info lots of places. But the support that disappears after a while for non-betas never exists, @ all, for betas.

Quit thinking like techies & think of the poor folks that don't know as much as you. That are computer illiterate but, use 'em, mis-understand things, don't read things, don't know what they should know or ask or where or how to find answers. None of what you are throwing @ me invalidates what was initially said.

That never even implied there aren't places one can turn but, for betas, it is not MS.

You & I are aware of all of those & more. Many ppl are not nor does any of it negate what was 1st said. Forums & blogs may, so to speak, support betas... Microsoft Tech Support does not.

You've lost me somewhere. If you ask a question on a Microsoft relevant site, regarding, for example, Windows 8, you will get an answer from another member or, in several cases, from a Microsoft tech. The poor folks would have to know the address of such a site. Opening "help" in any Windows OS, will give them a direction and address for that. In Windows 8, when you open Help, you will get, on the first page, two of the above addresses. If those mentioned users are less knowledgeable than to do that, then I would suggest they would have similar problems finding help for any product. The bottom line would be that, perhaps, they should at least, not be trying out a beta?
For the more knowledgeable, as you infer, the information is readily accessible throughout the web. Splitting hairs, maybe, but these early releases, although users tend to regard themselves as Beta testers, are not in the true sense that at all. They are launched to test the public response. Official Beta testers, partners, etc, who absorb and use information from forums such as these, and subsequently pass it on through the beta channels, discuss and have ample support which, hopefully, is passed back to these forums.
I don't know to make it any more clear. Support for Windows Operating Systems doesn't last forever. As they get old(er) MS drops or ends support for them... But, THAT support never exists, @ all, for Betas. The example I sited... if, an End User rings MS Tech Support for a problem or help w/ betas, they will be told, sorry, it's a beta & not supported, @ this time. Was meant in the same sense that MS does not offer support for OEMs... nor Betas.

Has or had nothing to do w/ what's on the Net or one's 3rd cousin, who knows some1 who works in IT or next door neighbour or the Computers for Dummies books. Maybe there's info about Win8 (betas) but, MS won't, actually offer tech or customer support for it until GA is released. Same as there's no more MS Support for Win98... but, you can find out stuff about it from elsewhere.

Try it, I'll even give you the #. Call & ask them to support an OEM install or a beta OS... the answer will be no. I know this for a fact... I serve my clients, I'm a MS Partner & they don't offer support for OEMs, Betas or old products.

We are talking apples & oranges. And none of it cancels out the original statement. Until & unless it is changes from the MS Tech Support specifically, mentioned to general 'support' from the Net, articles in magazines & peers.

Would be like trying to argue about warranties on beta OS vs a Retail Box OS. The difference stated between Betas & non-Betas was & is legit.

Your point about where ppl playing w/ betas can turn is, also, true.
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