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This morning I woke up to find that I had a 10Gb/s internet connection, I only noticed because my 3GB Call of duty: Black OPs and a torrent download of 5GB Dowloaded in <1minute, then 5 hours later I get a phone call from Testra Our ISP, finding out why we had been downloading so much in so much time, accusing me of hacking into their network. Giving myself all the bandwidth, making >500 People witout phone and internet. Later I got an appoligy stating a DSLM had broken down, I have a 10Gb/s Optic card in my computer as we have optic connections here, and use it for lan parties. Now they want me to pay $2609 for the usage. How does this all work anyway? Wouldn't a peice of equipment that break down, make everyone go without, or what? Why would it give me 10Gb/s anyway?


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Since their equipment and traffic management failed it's totally their fault and responsibility for providing access to speed in the first place, they haven't got a legal leg to stand on.

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I have a 20Mb/s connection or that is what we are paying for, But they clearly didn't fix it (the problem) after yesterday, as it happened again today. anyway to stop the flow at my end so I don't get charged?


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well torrent apps normally have a limiting option for the speed, but any other app will use max speed for downloading so maybe easier to ring em and tell them its happening in the form of a complaint which logs on their side that you are unhappy to get the mega fast speeds....lol

It's not that I'am unhappy for maga fast internet speeds, I have been happy for the fast speeds and got everything I wanted done. I Just don't want to end up paying a mighty bill because of their problems. connected it all up via ethernet cable and a switch that converts Optical to ethernet and using the Gigabit ethernet port, which has slowed it up.


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As highway man stated, since it was a problem on their end, they are held at full responsibility.
It was definitely the marketing team that called you, if they accused you of "hacking" their network.. It's not that simple.

You could easily take legal action.

I also got a kick out of their apology call, I can picture it something like this: "we're sorry, the problem was actually on our end, but because of this, YOU have to pay US 2k.

Fiber is a strange thing..


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indeed, in fact accusing you without any proof is technically slander, maybe you should get a solicitor and make some money out of it, as its considered a crime rather than a tort case, go and stick it to "the man"...lol

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