15 “Seriously, What Kinds of Families Are These?” Photos (Part2)


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15 “Seriously, What Kinds of Families Are These?” Photos

Published by Natty at 7:20 am under Oddly Enough

Ever since “Awkward Family Photos” came out I’ve been drawn to these nutty pictures. It’s not so much the pictures that’s crazy, it’s the stories behind them. I mean think about it. I was raised in Long Island in an upper middle class family
. There are ZERO awkward family pictures.
I mean not a thing looks wacky. Sure we’ve made weird faces and stuff but you know what I mean. But when the photos you are about to see are “normal” for these folks? Well then you know there’s some weird **** going on with these people.
I can’t even possibly begin to analyze this. Bottom line, look at these people…



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forgot the weirdest bunch of freekazoids photo...

The Gates family


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Very good one.

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