Windows 7 1tb Buffalo recognised but cant access


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Jun 3, 2009

I am new to the froum adn I tried searching but couldn't find anything like my issue if there is im sorry but here goes.

I have a 1tb buffalo hard drive

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The problem I ahve is that when I connect it to my PC running windows 7 7100 it detects the drive fine and I can sometimes see it in Device manager and Computer and soemtimes I can't when I can see it I can't see the size of the drive or access it. I know the drive works as it's ok on my XP laptop.

Windows 7 also detects my IDE HDD which is in an external enclosure.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, disabling and enabling the drive anything else I can try?

Thanks in advance :)

Now its recognising my other external drive that used to work as having non data on and a file system as RAW :(