2 Accounts on Windows Startup !! one of them isnt in current system

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Sandra Ignalski, Oct 8, 2011.

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    HEy at all!

    Surely I dont have the Screen preview from this what i mean but you can mind it.
    I have at the beginning have 1 (Fckyeahphotography ) account i logged in to the system. but later i got another one with my Blanket name i need type in my name sandra. The funniest is i cant see my 1st Sign in account Fckyeahphotography in system and no i cant sign in in my 1.st account. its with password i dont know it =((.

    I cant mind how this happened and when i restart my pc nothing changed =// please help me and this information i got now when I start fix Problems.. I surely need expert help pls pls pls.

    Thak you for help =) Nice weekend

    Im sorry this PC is used in Germany and cant change the language.
    Bild 012. Bild 010.

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    I know it would help me, and maybe others, if you could type in some of the headings or messages in your attachments. We could then have them translated.

    You state that both of these accounts were added by you? I mean, no other entity added any user accounts you are aware of?

    There have been situations where a virus of some type has changed the Administrative user password and taken over the account. Is your second account an administrative user and can you perform administrative tasks?

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