2 attempts needed to browse to any Web Page


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Does anyone experience this mysterious behaviour and have an answer to it, starting to lose the plot with it

OS is Vista Business. Using IE 7 or Mozilla firefox, most pages I browse to return a "cannot display page error", hitting browser refresh button then connects to page with no problem. Returning to same page in same session is usually OK, but if I shutdown browser and go back to page usually have to follow same cycle again, i.e. refresh page to get it displayed.

In the month or so since I upgraded to Vista I have tried all the following to no avail:
- Turned off Windows Firewall
- Turned off UAC
- Turned off\dropped to Low the IE Protection Level
- Uninstalled only anti-virus present (AVG, note this was clean install so likes of Norton have never been installed)
- Reset IE7 to factory settings
- Installed and uninstalled various Service packs and Hotfixes
- Established will do this even with Google searches from time to time, and is not limited to addresses imported to Favourites

All to no avail. XP Home and XP PRO machines on same network have no problems whatsoever. Strange...!


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Hi, have you tried this hotfix? Update for Windows Vista (KB933228) Get it here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...Criteria=popularity&sortOrder=ascending&nr=20 Maybe you have but its the only one I could that may apply. You could also try installing the .NET Framework3 again Microsoft Download Center: Windows Vista I sometimes experience a little of what your discussing but not enough to be a real problem.


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Thanks, I shall certainly try both your suggestions. There is a fair amount of .Net and Visual Studio related content and service packs on this machine as MS programming has been my profession for more than a decade, a fact that makes my inability to resolve this issue all the more frustrating !

Getting there ! Combination of the hot fix and removing .Net 3 has greatly reduced the no. of sites not working first time, ironically the only remaining problem sites are Microsoft ones notably Windows Live. Anyway alot lot better so thanks very much for the advice :D

This seems like an easy problem. You should do disk cleanup's and get rid of all the internet junk. You can go to tools -> internet options in your IE7 and just deleted files and delete cookies. The problem is probably because of your browser cache. It's just trying to find the "temporary" net files for the site that you have already and by cleaning up the files you're clearing the cache. If anything just try those updates and still nothing get firefox.

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