2 BSOD's consistent across multiple identical machines

Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to this site so forgive me if I miss a step. I was wondering if someone who is good at debugging dump files could give me a second set of eyes on these 2 I will attach. One BSOD is DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (ntoskrnl.exe) and the other is UNEXEPECTED_KERNAL_MODE_TRAP (ntoskrnl.exe).

I have this problem across 15 identical laptops with fresh installs of Win 7 Pro 64

Now my guess is this will boil down to a BIOS upgrade, but if there are driver conflicts within these dump files, please let me know!



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Well, I am not one of those experts you are looking for, they normally hang out in the BSOD forum, but one may come by shortly.

Until then, one dump file seems to point to SignIn.exe. You also have two older drivers that seem to be related to a Remote Desktop type of software...

RaInfo.sys Fri Jan 04 12:57:14 2008

LMIRfsDriver.sys Mon Jul 14 11:26:56 2008

I did not see much in the second file.

This may not mean they are directly responsible, but all of your other drivers are 2009 or later. Maybe you could find an update, or if you can't, possibly run the software in a compatibility mode. But just guessing......:)


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Hi drew27c and Welcome to The Forum.

I'm going to keep this pretty generic as you're talking various PC's. Plus the dumps aren't exactly "recent".

The DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE is probably caused by: Unknown_Image ( ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE ) as the possible cause.
the UNEXEPECTED_KERNAL_MODE_TRAP is probably caused by: ntkrnlmp.exe. Most unlikely as this is a Windows system file.

Old and incompatible drivers can and do cause issues with Windows 7, often giving false error codes. Random stop codes can often indicate hardware issues.

As a Priority:

Norton is known to be a cause of BSOD's on very many Windows 7 systems. I suggest that you uninstall Norton using the Norton Removal Tool in Safe Mode. Download Blue Screen friendly Microsoft Security Essentials as its replacement. Make sure Windows firewall is enabled!

RaInfo.sys Fri Jan 04 18:57:14 2008 LogMeIn/RemotelyAnywhere. Has known issues with Windows 7. Uninstall this software!

Drivers that pre-date Windows 7. Update:

A few drivers related to Novatel Wireless USB Modem/Serial Device Driver

Drivers with Updates:

atipmdag.sys Thu Feb 11 02:54:19 2010
atikmpag.sys Thu Feb 11 02:11:13 2010
AMD Graphics Drivers

RTKVHD64.sys Mon Feb 08 10:24:50 2010 Realtek HD Audio R2.66

Those should point you in the right directions/give you food for thought.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Do you know how to move this thread to the BSOD forum so more experts can gave a look?


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You already have a couple of the best guys you could have trying to help you at the moment.
Consider following up on some of their suggestions, especially the Norton removal and the driver updates and post any new .dmp files as an attachment to your next post.
Good luck and kind regards

Sounds like a plan. Unfortunately I cannot remove LogMeIn as we use this to support a large number of field computers for my company. I also don't have this issue with any of the other makes of laptops I have regarding LogMeIn. I believe the video and sound drivers are a good start. If anyone else wants to analyze the dump's please have at it! :)

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