2 Issues with RC (build 7100)

Hi! Just upgraded to Windows 7 RC and loving it so far. Really a change over XP and I'm actually liking the organization a bit more!

I've had most of my issues resolved right off the bat as it just "works"! However, 2 issues are plaguing it that I would like to see if I can get some tips on.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R P45 775 R
Processor: Intel Dual Core 3.16MHZ
6 GB of ram
Sappharie 4850x2 graphics card

1. Sound card won't work. Went to Gigabyte's website and installed the Windows 7 sound drivers, still doesn't show up anything but the HDMI audio... Tried Vista's and XP's drivers in case it was an issue with the Windows 7 release, and nothing changed, nada. Frustrating, no audio at all. The troubleshooting wizard couldn't resolve. Itunes says "problem with audio configuration so may not be able to play audio" and sure enough it can't. Nothing comes through headphones at all.

2. Power options. One of my pet peeves with XP hasn't been resolved. System stability with standby is terrible for me at least. I put into standby, half the time it goes into standby, then just kicks back on to desktop. The other times, it fails to reboot correctly and ends up on a black screen with a blinking cursor. I can live with no standby, but as my computer draws a ton of power, I like to have this option rather than shutting down each time.

Any tips pros? I'm glad I'm in the W7 world now, though I wish Ubuntu would just take over the world and provide Office 2007 integration without twisting an arm :)

ps- anyway to get Microsoft to reset the internet activation count for office? I had to call last time and it was annoying, they claimed over phone wouldn't reset activation over internet option, is this true?


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I had problems with the standby issue. I have an older ATI Radeon 3650 PCIe but we both use the same Catalyst drivers. I had problems with the Windows 7 Catalyst driver version 9.5...try to get updated to 9.7 BUT do a full uninstall of the 9.5 to rid of any poo left behind. In ref to the sound card, uninstall every driver you currently have installed and go back to the site and install the Vista driver. That might do it, hope it helps.

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