2 mbr's on the same hard drive

Good day

I installed windows 7 on my laptop last night on a empty partition (d) and (c) still has windows Xp on it i was surprised when system it booted i was under the impression that a hard drive could only have 1 (one) mbr on it in the first partition, Now keep in mind i ran out of time last night and didnt load into windows XP last night but 7 is up and running, Did they change the rules about MBR'S with the ntfs file system or is it a windows 7 thing

Just curious


There is still only one MBR on that drive. It's on the C partition. Windows 7 detected XP during the install and replaced the XP boot loader with it's boot loader. It's refereed to as a dual boot. You should get the option to pick XP or windows 7 when you boot up the PC. By default it should boot into Windows 7 after so many seconds if you don't do anything.

Yup that happened to me, but unfortunately it only gave me 1 second to choose between Xp and Se7en. That was until I found out you could change that time, but still it was fun try to select Xp before Se7en booted automatically. :p

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