2 My Documents folders ?

i opened %userprofile% folder and found that there are 2 My Documents folders.
Does windows 7 allowing same names now ?
Both are exact same name, copy name paste to other has no effect as if they were named differently but not.
This making me confused where user data is stored.
Is this normal ?
And why folders are being created when i removed them ? Folders like my pictures/videos/music ? i dont use media player/dont upload pictures or recording vides so WTF is up with that ?

Thanks in advance

Oh i got it, first on the left is actually C:\Users\Administrator\Documents and second was C:\Users\Administrator\My Documents but why does Windows 7 shows" My Documents" on the left as if it was "My Documents" instead of "Documents" ?
What kind of mind trick is this ? This is scary for programmers


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Its there for compatibility reasons. It would not show if you were not in the Administrator account itself. The Administrator account (more preferably the account named Administrator, is made inaccesisble by default primarily because part of the the SID (the security identifier that exists for this account) is hard-coded into the bits that come with Windows. There are situations whereas if someone new the computer part of your SID (hard to figure out) as well as the Administrator part of the SID (which is usually the same for every account named "Administrator" on a Windows system), your account could be duped or hacked if there was a security breach on the system. The Administrator account is designed only to be used on client machines when something has gone wrong and is usually disabled by default for this reason alone.


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For an example of this, open a command prompt and type

whoami /logonid

Correction: and also

whoami /user

This is your SID.


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how come my SID is diferent from using whoami /logonid and one in registry under HKEY_USERS ?
In any case doesnt this make me administrator ?

run cmd as administrator
net user administrator /active:yes
net user username /active:no
net user username /delete
restart computer

if not then how do i become administrator so i would see folder names for what they really are ?
Thanks for replies


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I have to ask if I can get help with the same or very similar problem.This is aweful: I was told I should empty my F:folder to the Documents in C: (harddrive) , ok...I needed to make room for a back up location ? I will also need to make a drive for back up ,it's not possible until I do that yet.
....but on my PC- I have DOCUMENTS: then My Documents, then Public Documents. This is messing up my computer in the most crappy way.

I don't know if I can do a system restore to reverse this or what to do ! ! Now my computer has duplicated alot of files ,unrecognizable (stuff) into Documents about 5,244 files or objects.
What can I do to change this situation ? hcool

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