2 problems in Win7

I've searched help with my problems, but didn't seem to find anything helpful. So here they are:
1. Sometimes, when I click the minimize / close button on a window, they both start flickering, and don't respond. The issue is solved by minimizing / closing the window from the taskbar. Has anyone encountered this, and is there a permanent fix? It's annoying to go all the way down for working with the window.
2. Also, I often focus on a window by clicking the title bar. However, as I use mostly maximized windows, Aero Snap un-maximizes the window. I've found how to disable it entirely, but I wonder, is there a way to only disable one component of it? (the others are very helpful).
Note that I use Windows 7 Professional x64.

Thank you, and I apologise if it has been covered before.


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I never use "Maximize". If you stretch the windows out to fill most of the screen in "Restore" mode Windows will remember your size and open them at that size from then on. Then a single click on the taskbar icon is all that's needed to either open or hide a window. Plus all the Aero features work right.

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