2 Vista Home Premium problems!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by xxkissbangxx, May 30, 2008.

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    Just got a new laptop and it runs on Vista Home Premium which I'm not very familiar with at all (been using XP pretty much since it came out). I've been pretty worried because not too long ago Vista/the laptop started to get a bit slow at certain times or at one or two points, stopped functioning, etc.
    The "blue screen" has appeared all of a sudden a few times already and this worries me cause this is a 2-day old laptop here!

    I think the trouble started when I tried downloading a trial version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 from HERE:Download Adobe Photoshop CS3 - FileHippo.com

    After downloading the HUGE file, I ran it to install PS CS3 and it was really, really slow. That's when the troubles and hang-ups started if I recall right. Anyway, 2 main problems:

    I tried to uninstall CS3 and it's components using "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel. I was able to eventually get rid of some stuff like Adobe Reader but that's about it. I also tried system restore to a time before I tried installing CS3. It said the restoration was successful but when I checked, CS3 was still listed.

    Eventually I deleted the folder (Adobe) in C:/Programs Files plus this other Adobe folder that was on my desktop (the installer somehow placed or extracted it there when I tried to install the program). Meanwhile, this may or may not be relevant but I've also ran Registry Mechanic 7 a few times to hopefully help fix some errors.

    So PROBLEM #1: [​IMG]

    Despite doing all that and deleting the Adobe folders, CS3 is STILL listed on the "Programs and Features" list and I can't get it off! Would anyone know how I can remove/unlist this program from there?

    PROBLEM #2, regarding the BLUE SCREEN:

    -- What does this mean and what can I do about it?

    I really hope someone can help me with these issues.
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    The first thing I would do is install SP1 and go from there. SP1 solves a lot of issues.
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    I find this utility is very handy for removing 'crap'...In fact it's called 'Crap-Cleaner' and cleans the registry too..Get it here:
    Download CCleaner 2.08.588 - FileHippo.com

    As for the blue screens... I'd do as fatboy suggested and download the standalone version of SP1 (less hassles when installing and you can also find the link for the download in the forum)

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