Windows 7 2 Windows 7 options in boot screen


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May 27, 2009
Originally I had the beta version of windows 7. I wiped that so I could install the RC version of it, however, when I am prompted to choose my operating system I can choose from:

Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows Vista

The first windows 7 is the RC, the second one I am pretty sure will give me an error because it was there after I wiped the beta and right before I was going to install the RC so it is referencing the beta which no longer exists. Does anyone know how to remove that second windows 7 option? Do I have to edit the boot.ini?
Nope. Log into your working 7 or vista and type in the run box in the start menu "msconfig" without the " marks. Make sure you are the admin of the pc. Now go to the boot tab and look for the windows 7 one that dosent work. Now delete this. Click apply then ok. Then it says reboot and select yes. Now it should show 2.
Could that have been the 100MB reserve partition that Win 7 creates? Although that shouldn't be a bootable partition. *shrug*
I'm not sure, all I know is that the windows 7 boot option stayed on the menu after I wiped the partition and stayed after I installed the RC. But it's gone now and that's all that matters :)
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