Windows 10 20H2 update


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windows 20 h2 update​

this is the craziest way to get updates for new versions. I tried a month agao to update to the 20H2 update and all I accomplished is a messed up computer i had to have a complete reinstall because after the ypdat i had multiple errors had Clsid errors on task manger , event viewer MMC. could not install or run support assist or quick assist could not open or run windows powershell or quick assist. I have version 1909 because that what was piut in in the reinstall I m not getting any updstes at all mu update history is blank. the last updast was 0n 14 adobe acrobat. yet when i hit the check for updtes i get the 20h2 update and say p to date with green box so wht gives. I was told windows 10 was so great not if you have to almost do an upgrade and lose aposs features programs and have multiple errors. I have been in contact with a microsoft tech and they say we will walk you through it . Like that helps i ma not a computer expert and understand the lingo and what to do. Walking me through it instead of remotely connecting and help in is like dropping me off in a foreign coutry and expecting me to know the language immediately. I have to say that the way to get new version updates is really not good give me back 7 any day. 10 is really not all that great in my opinion. I may just stay with 1909 and and just say the heck with the up grade . i am truely afrid to take this on myself because i do not want to kjeep having to go to a ech geek Squad or dell to have my operating system reinstalled every time. This new wy to up get new versions to me sucks sorry for the language . Please can someone help me either do it for me or not walk me throuh it . i have gone to delll geeksquad on line and they all say the same thing we will walk you through it th
1. Millions of computers go through the upgrade process all the time and the percentage of failures is quite low.
2. Unfortunately Microsoft can't account for every possible combination of hardware, drivers, security software etc so yes failures do happen.
3. Underlying issues with hardware can cause corruption which could lead an already unstable install to derail quickly.

Most important points. We are not affiliated with Microsoft nor are we paid to assist people, so no we won't remote into your computer and upgrade it. This forum is 100% volunteer and here to offer advice and make suggestions for people to fix their issues.
There's no bother. I just want to make it clear we are not a tech support company and in fact not a company at all.