22" monitor black border problem


I am using a dell studio 1555 in combo with a benq E2200HD 22" widescreen monitor.
It has an ati 4570hd card in it. I am connected to the monitor using Hdmi > Dvi

The problem is on many of the resolutions i am getting a black border around the edge.
Now i understand this is because it needs to be scaled using software apparently?

The problem is in the CCC under the notebook display you can scale.
But under the monitor the scaling options are greyed out.

I tried to remove the dell version of the CCC and then installed a version off the ati website but it would not accept the install. (Ati technologies folder appears empty after intall).

Therefore i have reverted back to the latest dell CCC drivers from the dell website. Dated 10/12.

Any ideas on this? Many thanks

none of them are editable on the monitor. as in i ca n see the options but cant change them. (also greyed out lol).
Also under display mode options on monitor i have overscan full and aspect. Full is selected, overscan is off, and greyed outl

think ive fixed it by enabling 1080p @ 60hz support under custom HDTV.
Still not got the perfect resolution yet but 1920x1080 is now in full screen now all i need to do is lower it abit as its too small but keep the full screen.

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nope i think i realy need scaling to get this right :(

i read about choosing a non native resolution to enable scaling options but still greyed out for me.

woo fixed it.

Basically this is a common problem from what ive read.
Due to some ludicrous goings on between ati and laptop manufacturers. Apparently ATI is under orders from people like dell not to package there mobility drivers for dell laptops etc... which is why i could not install the latest drivers off the ATI site. Instead im supposed to go and get dells drivers... which obviously dont work!.

So the solution was to use a program called Ati mobility modder which modifies the latest CCC drivers so that they can be installed on laptops. These new drivers now work with scaling :)

Big thanks to dell and ati for this..:confused:

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