2GB moemory consumption after fresh start - fresh install

Hei guys!

I got a nice fresh HP i7 machine with 8gb memory.
After a start it shows that 2gb are consumed already. I tried the common ways
to find out what consumes the ram - but no luck.

It can't be reserved because whenever I start a software it adds up - so just windows and PS CS5 it takes 3gb!

Any ideas?

I know at some point this has been discussed but not always has been an answer found...

Greets from Finland!


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Windows 7 much like Vista pre-allocated ram even when not being used, when it's needed to run apps or games it flushes the cached data... this is an intentional service, not a problem. In my system it's prefectly normal for about 2.6gig to be used when reaching desktop with nothing running except antivirus background.

Honestly? Your computer reserves 2.6gb after a start? What sense does this make? I mean - do you know why do they do that and what does it speed up?
Strange things happen.... ;)


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its caches my most common used quickstart stuff, for instance the GPU is allocated about a gig of ram despite having onboard ram...this is normal on Vista & Win7, also things like my soundfont banks, it all just boosts system response times.

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