2nd hard disk was not assigned a drive letter...

I just installed win 7 7600 from xp... again...
my 2nd hard drive is not showing up in disk managment
..it shows up in device manager & other programs...
but not under my computer, also does not have a drive letter so its not accessible..
their both 80gb hard drives & I kept the other for storage...
anybody know of a way I can go about labeling this vanished drive so that I can access it?

p4 2.8ghz
1.5gb ram
fx 6200


need more iformation these ide or sata? raid 0 or 1 or none?

need to know more about your set-up inparticluar they way your hard drives are attached and in which fashion they are.

If I am correct, you might have to make that hdd msdos ready, that means formatting with something like Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools which has Quick and Full write zeros, quick takes about 2 minutes, Full takes a bit.

WDDLG: |MG| Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 1.13 Download

after that you will need to make it msdos ready using win98 boot disk or gparted.

bootdisk: Bootdisk.Com
gparted: GParted -- Welcome

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools can format any hdd, usb etc. I suggest use Quick Zeros format, "2 Minutes".

this will remove a flag aka msftres.

I repeat do not let win7 manage the disk after the Quick Zero Fill Format. Use Win98 Boot Disk or Gparted to make that disk msdos ready.

here was my sittuation, and above was is the fix.



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Look at "disk management" again.
It wont be listed in the list of drives at the top but may well be towards the bottom where the drives are shown as bars.
it will probably be there and shown as "unallocated"
If it is right click on it and follow instructions

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