2nd Party Web Items Never Resolve

I have an unusual situation where some items on particular web pages do not resolve. For instance on this site, Windows 7 Forum • Index page, items for s7.addthis.com and connect.facebook.net never resolve if I use Firebug to monitor the network traffic. Some sites such as ticketmaster.com never resolve at all, but I think it is because the number of individual items not resolving is at the top of the requests for that page and so it never gets the whole page.

This has been happening for several weeks and is for all computers (3) on our home network and is even effecting the 2 iPhones when connected. My laptop works fine on my work network. I assumed there was an issue with my home router, a LinkSys wireless and bypassed it. The issue still persisted when trying with a direct connection bypassing the router. My broadband connection is IFITL, (Integrated Fiber in the Loop by BellSouth - now AT&T) so I called their support and they sent out a technician. His laptop connected without issues using my direct connection and he could not pinpoint the problem.

The problem started about the time that 2 things occurred - the Norton Internet Security subscription I had timed out and I did not renew it. Probably more importantly, I had had to have AT&T reset my connection password after resetting the router to it's default settings.

Any suggestions as to what is causing the issue? MAC address? Cached password on some remote machine? I am running out of ideas.

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I'd start off by eliminating every last trace of Norton from your devices. Norton is infamous for causing problems just from remnant left behind after it has supposedly been removed. Try the norton removal tool of you're having any problems:

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support

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