3 Pc's with Win 7, issues networking


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Ok I have 3 Pc's running Win 7 Premium. A laptop, a gaming pc and a media center pc.

I have gone through each computer and shared my documents so i can move around video files/pictures/music to any pc from any pc, but for some reason I can't do it between all of the pc's. I can see the pc's I can see the shared drive but I can't access them. I think I can access any of the public folders on all pcs.

I have turned on the homegroup for all of them using the same password etc.

Looking firstly at my media center pc ( all going through my computer)

Homegroup shows, laptop and gaming pc.
network shows laptop, gaming pc, and media center pc

through the homegroup i can see and access my docs on both my laptop and my gaming pc.
through my network i can see and access my docs on both my laptop and my gaming pc..

so on my media center pc, i have full movement..

now my laptop's a different story...

in homegroup nothing shows up and it says no other homegroup pc is online..
in network i see all 3 pc's (laptop, gaming, media)

obviously in homegroup i can't see so i can't access via that route..

in network from laptop trying to access the gaming pc I can see the my doc folder that is shared, but when i go to click on it i get windows cannot acess error.. ( i just did this 30 seconds ago on the media center pc )

and I get the same problem when i try to access the media center my documents, i can see it, but when i go to click on it.. windows cannot access error.

now from my gaming pc

i can see the my docs and i can acces my docs on both the laptop and the media center, but when i try to go into any subfolder, it says needs access...

basically ONLY my media center pc can see and access the my docs on the other computers.

All folders are set up the exact same way with permissions in the same homegroup. I don't know what else to do.


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Have you tried turning off the Firewall temporarily to see if sharing becomes possible? This could help point a finger at the firewall.

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