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    30 sec advance issue
    I know this is question has been asked before but I'm still unable to fix the problem. I'm unable to fix the 30 sec advance and 7 sec skip backwards function in wmc7.

    For me the problem arose when win7 went from beta 7077 to rc 7100.

    I have the white wmc remote with blue back lighting that Jaycar use to sell. I use a Logitech Harmony 525 with the USB IR receiver (I think it is IR anyway).

    I dont use any software (eg iMON or IRTrans) or to install any drivers for the setup to work.

    I use the work around where you press the mouse button the remote and then you are able to advance and skip back as of old, but I'm hoping that someone might know a reg hack to restore the old functionality of not needing to press the mouse button.


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