32 bit and 64 bit activation problem on same notebook

hi all,

1. 5 or 6 months ago i purchased windows 7 ultimate box (both 32-bit and 64-bit). i installed the 32 bit version on my notebook 2 or 3 times without any problem. then 1 week ago, i decided to use 64 bit and installed succesfully. but when it comes to activation, it doesn't. the error message is `the product key is expired`. i'm in libya now and don't know how to solve this problem really.

2. i'm planning to sell my notebook and buy a new one in a few months. i'll install my 64 bit on new notebook but if i get the same error again, i'm sure i'll hate microsoft and never buy a microsoft product anymore.

i need your experiences please, and much thanks in advance.


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When that message is displayed it should also display a message, "Show me other ways to activate" one of which should be the option to activate by phone - call them and you should be able to sort it.

yes there is a phone option but i don't how and which number i have to call :confused: i searched for a number on microft sites but i couldn't find one. this shouldn't be so hard i think, maybe i'm mising something but hey if i want to buy a product all the links are easy to find, but for support i can't find anything. this is confusing and annoying. maybe you can help me a little more about thisdamned number:)

as for my second question, do i have to buy a new product or product key? on my new computer i'll use 64 bit only, so i don't need 32 bit dvd and key. my 32 bit will be COMPLETELY useless if i sell my current notebook, am i right?

i feel big regret because of buying a microsoft product, i'm begining to understand why people hate microsoft so much :(

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