32 bit works, 64 bit doesn't


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Hi guys,

Trying to install windows 7 x64 for a few weeks now.

Clean install using 64 bit retail version. Formatted the drive but after a few minutes after "starting up services" the computer restarts and an error message pops up. ....computer restarted unexpectedly...

Underclocked the 8 gb mem stick. tried only with 2 gb mem stick and still doesn't work. Nothing externally attached, just 1 hard drive, ATI 4650 card, DVD Rom.
Already did a memtest way back. I have 4 pcs 2 gb stick, swapped, and tried on different slots.

32 bit works though. Don't know what the problem is. tried looking at the setup log at the panther directory but couldn't understand a thing. Maybe it's a 64 bit problem.

Motherboard: Asus P5K-E Wifi
VC: Palit Sonic 4850 256mb
PSU:HEC 700 watts
HD: 80 GB sata
Processor: Intel Q6600

Nothing overclocked

Tried to install from a flash drive with the same results.
Also tried different images, last install was from msdn technet with still the same problem.


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yup, I already tried it with a flash drive.


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What's the exact error message?


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"the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error"

It happens during the starting up services process. Tried the IDE, AHCI, RAID settings from the bios with the same results. I don't think it's a jmicron problem.


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Try burning another DVD at it's lowest speed and like I said early, make sure it's a quality brand.

Yes.. burning at slower speed is probably the fix. If that doesn't work your bios may need updating. 64 bit is designed to take advantages of new features in newer bios-es


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Strange. Have you had a x64 OS installed with this hardware before? You've tried everything I would have. What model is you HDD, is it an older one? Remember, changing between IDE and AHCI can cause problems with Windows as there is a switch in the registry for this.

Try plugging the HDD into a different SATA port, either 0 or 1, set to the IDE mode you installed in and clear your CMOS. Dont know, might help.


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Curious - I always burn my dvd's at max speed and never had a problem.

Must depend on the quality of the dvd - the dvddrive - and the burning software's control of the buffer.

No issues with 64bit here

I burned mine on Verbatum at MAX speed had no issues upgrading Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit, took hours to do do but no issues.

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