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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Highwayman, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I know it's kinda old now, but does anyone use the 3d vision features on the Nvidia drivers? One of my mates just tried the Red & Cyan glasses (kind of most 3d movies etc) with his new 260 card and said GTA4 was a laugh. Now Obviously this is the old method but whos gonna shell out on the newer electronic filter versions by Nvidia (think i saw them listed for £95).

    Anyway just ordered a pair off ebay from Hong Kong...will post back results in about 10 days when they come...worth £3.50 for a test in my view...lol

    Theres some further reading with a nice leopard example pic
    bit-tech.net | Preview - Nvidia GeForce 3DVision & How 3D Works
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    I got these Glass since about a month, was running fine under Vista, and even Beta of Windows 7. Now tho, I installed 7 x86, and got a lot of problems with the drivers. I now have nvidia driver 190.62, and get a blue screen in my games when 3d is activate. Movies are fine tho.

    Hope i will fix this soon cause you don<t want to go back to 2d after 3d...

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