3D TV gets closer


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3D TV gets closer

Comment Sky to show the football
By David Neal
Friday, 27 November 2009, 16:50

SKY TELEVISION will blast 3D football into your living room by 2010, according to reports.
Yes, if the thought of having Wayne Rooney and gang looming out at you in full 3D doesn't fill you with dread, you should start preparing to watch them in all their, almost like the real thing, glory. And by preparing we mean going out and getting yourself a 3D television.
Today the firm said that it would initially show matches from the Premiership on the service, so home viewers will have the delightful prospect of seeing their favourite player running out for a throw in just by the side of their sleeping dog.
Here at the Inq, we spent a lot of last week doing things like taping 3D specs to the front of our real spectacles just to watch Jaws 3D on Channel 4. Given that the experience rated somewhere down on the level of watching Mr MacBlurr in a fight against Swimmy the thingy, we can't say the prospect of any further such experiences fills us with anything but dread.
And we haven't even mentioned the fact that Sky has already broadcast a 3D concert featuring aural offenders Keane, which any sensible person would call an act of madness - a bit like Henry Ford showing off his motorcar by driving it through a cluster of passersby.
In fact, we can't help but think that any real football fan would prefer to watch their team in real time 3D - that is, in person - as opposed to plonking down on the sofa wearing something on their face that resembles Star Trek sunglasses.
But nobody asked us. µ

3d tv gets closer - The Inquirer

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