64 bit w7; can't boot, fix or reinstall


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I have amd phenom with 4 gigs of memory in gigabyte mb. I checked and double-checked all components, and everything seems to be in order. Couple weeks ago I tuned on my pc and got a blue screen after geting halfway through the four color microsoft logo animation (bunch of zeroes with ERROR). Since then I havn't been able to boot, reinstall windows(it stops midway informing that files are missing on a dvd), or repair it. Any suggestions?

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Maybe Trying a Combination with the Windows Key might work and welcome.

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i can't get to the point where i could type it in


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This sounds like a hardware issue to me but when you can't get access to anything it's really hard to tell.
You didn't say that you had tried booting in safe mode, but I assume that didn't work either.

I've had my computer freeze at the point you describe once in a while, so I think the problem at that point is usually loading something probably a driver.
But that doesn't help with why the installation won't complete unless it's looking for a driver for you particular hardware that isn't available.

I really don't know what you can do if the installation won't complete, other then format the hard drive and try again.

My Ubuntu disk seems to boot anything that I've tried it on, maybe you can create on of those on another computer and see if it will let you get in and see what's going on, at least you could back up your data. You can just create the disk and run your computer from it, you don't have to do the install.
If it won't boot from it either then I'd suspect some kind of hardware failure.

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