64 bit win7 compatibility with 32 bit programs

I been running 64 bit win 7 for a month or so now and just yesterday, I found that 32 bit programs are freezing my system up and the blue screen with mem error comes up, anyone know what the problem is? I don't recall exactly which program it started with but all games seem to give mem error and anything that has anything to do with graphics, all these programs and games seem to run fine on vista ultimate 64 bit... I have no idea what the problem is...

Getting bugs in 7 can be expected due to 7 being in RC stage and due to software not adopted to the new os. So, the best way it works for me is having Vista x64 as my primary reliable os, and using 7 as a beta os for fun and for testing purposes.

well, it's not just games, if it were, it wouldn't be a big deal but my machine is having problems with most 32 bit programs, I have some music/video editing software that started freezing my machine, it used to work but stopped...

I suspect it can be software incompatible with 7's architecture, not necessarily that it is 32-bit.

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