640x480 Display

I have a sr5210nx Compaq Presario. With 2 gigs of ram and a Geforce 8500gt.

My problem is when I first installed and went to load windows(After logo) my monitor would go out of sync. NOT SHUT OFF just couldn't display my green light would go orange.

Then I restarted and hit f8. Loaded the lowest resolution I could and windows loaded after the login.

I tried to install nvidia drivers for the 8500gt but when it goes through the installation it turns my monitor off again.

I finally got it installed through safe mode.

But when I got to windows logo and then to login I couldn't see anything again.

Did the f8 got into windows and now I have just basic settings on my monitor.

When I go to the display part in control panel it doesn't show my nvidia until I hit detect and appartently there are no display modes for my nvidia.

Could anyone help me out please I would like to have above 640x480 again lol.


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I just had problems with the Nvidia geforce 186 drivers. Which driver are you using?

186.18 is the driver I am using

But I got it to install this is my problem.



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I have heard bad things about that driver. Try to d/l and install the 185.85 drivers and see if it helps.

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