64bit with 2GB RAM

Hi guys, just a quick question,

Dues to my MSDN membership I have access to pretty much whatever I want, and last night I DL'd Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Now, I know the min reqs are 2gb of RAM, so I've ordered another 2GB to give me a total of 4GB RAM, which should be plenty.

My question is this.... will 64bit run ok with 2GB of RAM until the extra gets delivered or will I have problems running games etc etc?

Basically, should I install now, or wait for the extra RAM..... I use my pc mainly for development work and gaming.

Really appreciate you opinions guys



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I don't use a lot of graphics or memory intensive games, but 64Bit is running fine with my 2GBS.

Thanks mate :) .....

Is there anyone who has used 2GB ram for gaming on 64bit? ... would love some input

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