Windows 7 7 Beta - First look


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May 1, 2008
My installation (32bit) took 35 minutes from Iinstall Now to a working desktop, including setting up my Lan.
This installation I mean to test before I start B***ring around with it!
Memory on the resource monitor is pretty steady. I only have 2gbs on the Laptop I am using but it is steady on 22%. That is on par with the previous releases. I have only installed the Anti Virus so far. ´My hard disks are taking the biggest hammering, but I havn't done anything yet about the search, prefetch etc.
The Control panel has adopted , as separate functions, a few of those previously incorporated into other functions.
It offers the chance, under maintenance in the start menu, to create a System repair disk. I don't remember seeing that in the previous releases?
It found my old Nvidia drivers AND the Control Panel for same, on the installation. For me a first, I have been having a battle with that on this laptop.
Startup/restart times have improved , although I have no software installed yet. I,ve gained about 15 seconds from the bootmng to the desktop. Might sound a high percentage to some, but might best so far, on my obviously inadequate computer, has been 68 seconds. Assuming there is an overall performance improvement also, this is an impressive 53 second boot.
Now to install a few things!
sounds like fun!
please post up some more details when you can!

I'm gonna test it myself sometime tonight!
I really don't think there will be any drastic differences between the Beta and Build 6956.. sure there will be some but nothing major.. ;) I'm also gonna test it out later on tonight. I'll post back with details..
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