7 Beta

Hi All.
I put windows 7 beta on a spare PC, I have not used it for a bit now, I have just got a full Windows 7 ultimate and was wanting to put it on.
Tonight I switched the PC on and it won't go to load up, I am not able to go to systam bias setup or post. I was wanting to know if this is something to do with the expired copy of 7 beta I put on.


Neither bios setup nor post has anything to do with 7 beta, they should go anyway.

Thanks for the reply, I found the prob, Now windows 7 went on with ease, about 10 min's after I put it on it came up with not a genuine copy, I have not got any Internet connected to this PC yet so was wondering if this is because I have not authenticated windows yet, I got the copy of 7 ultimate from a well known high street seller, they said it would be ok after I go on the Microsoft site to authenticate the copy, are they right.


The Betas and RC 1 had expiration dates, they will not work

Hi Super Sarg.
I had a copy of RC 1 on but have now put a full 7 ultimate on the pc but I have not got it connected to the internet, so will it see it as a copy until I authenticate it with windows.


Thanks for the reply, I found the prob.

If I may ask, what was the problem that you were not able to go to systam bios setup or post ?

Hi Cyberscore.
Keyboard, changed it out and it worked fine.


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