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I had a good clean install. Was using Vista, glad to see it go. Everything works great, even got my 1394a card and my Firewire box to work. All software and all drives work good. I really like 7 but, it won't wake up after going to sleep. Have to do a hard shutdown/boot. Default power settings were going to sleep after 30 minutes. I reset the power settings to never go to sleep but I would like to get this working, but like I said EVERYTHING else is working great. Any suggestions?


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I had the same problem, it turned out to be the Motherboard (Asus) which although Vista compatible was not fully compatible with Windows 7, ended up changing the board as Asus offered no assistance.


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The powercfg utility might be useful here. Shutdown all the programs you can and then open an administrative command prompt and type the following and enter after:

powercfg -energy

This will make a report, and note where it is stored, you can check to see if anything shows as warnings about sleep operations. There are several other switches available if you could use one of those. powercfg -?

Otherwise, some utility or device may not be able to wake up with the current settings.

I suppose we will find out if the OP in Nov 2009 is still watching...
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