Windows 7 7068 x86 leaked?


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So, there is a torrent floating around that says it is 7068 x32 with a build string of:


It's 2.53 GB. Most sites have already claimed that it's fake, but no one has more than 0.7%. There is one seeder out there right now...and, honestly, I think it's real. Came from that russian site that has been full of them lately.

If you guys find it, let me know what you think.
Well, I would bet my TV that it's fake. Hasn't shown up in the usual spaces, and no releases should have "Ultimate" tags, as all versions are included in every disk.
Yeah, I left the torrent on overnight and never got past 0.7%, so I'm giving up on it. Since 7068 was given to testers, we'll probably see a real leak soon anyway.
It's out there now, in both torrents and megaupload formats...

Well, I would bet my TV that it's fake. Hasn't shown up in the usual spaces, and no releases should have "Ultimate" tags, as all versions are included in every disk.

I'd say this one is real (Windows 7 x86 build 7068 AllSKU version), judging from the person who uploaded it. I cant confirm though, I dont download x86 builds
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Finishing the install now, will have a poke around and see once its done. Interesting.. Its "Windows 7 Professional".

Theres a feature I havent noticed before in the Control Panel, "Windows Anytime Upgrade". Its description is "A conveinient and affordable way to upgrade windows".

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Hi all -- Beta build 7000 activation keys work fine on both x-86 and x-64 of this build (7068)
I was going to wait until RC -- but got "sucked" in like every one else.

Nautical Bay site still has good D/L speed BTW. But Sat Morning here in Europe -- I suppose thestream will judder to a trickle as people start D/L this stuff in droves.

Still has Mar 2010 expiration date ( I believe the "Official" RC will expire in June 2010).

Can someone please pm me the link to d/l the x64 bit. i want to try., yes the Official will expire in June, this is the pre-rc.
Leeching 7068.0.090321-1322_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_AllSKU-GRC1CPRFRER_EN_DVD from usenet ( and, comes with parity-files and several serials) as I'm writing. Wonder what it is - and trying to decide wether to make a clean install or upgrade from 7057. On the other hand, I could wait the two weeks for the RC... or can I???
Finished download in half an hour, maybe I've decided by then... Until then: Running backup and transferring files and settings.

Update: Finished upgrading, seems to work fine (took of course hours), even a bit faster (might be wishful thinking). Time for testing, going to play a little around (no games, just messing with the computer;-). Used my old serial from the build 7000, got it activated. Rating score still 5.1 (due to graphics performance). No need for file and settings transfer, Outlook went online and received mail immediately.

Haven't tried out Internet Explorer, my experience so far (earlier and on previous builds, even with IE 8 Beta 2): extremely slow compared to Firefox, which still is is my favourite, writing this in FF. Just tried IE out, doesn't seem to have got any faster...

Will turn back, if I find anything annoying or exciting...

Nothing to complain about - yet. Ran a defragmentation task during the night.

BTW, it is the 32-bit version (can't see the point in installing a 64-bit, when most programs are available in only 32-bit).

And at upgrade, there was the option to upgrade to several versions (Home, Business, Ultimate a.s.o. can't remember them all), I chose of course the Ultimate, I wan't it all! So I guess, that's why I couldn't find the "Windows Anytime Upgrade"-option, DuMbGum mentioned, there isn't really anything to upgrade, I guess...
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