7100 updating to 7229 fails at 21% of extracting files

Hi W7 teams!

I have two computers running 7100 build.

Yesterday I have upgraded without any issue one of them to 7229, however the other one which is notebok Lenovo T61 at usual setup has problems to upgrade.

All passes ok until installation reaches 21% of extracting files (3rd installation step). Than system automaticaly reboots and shortly - when setup is restored it says "Setup cannot continue. Restart the computer and restart Setup. When prompted, try getting the latest updates."

I trid many things like disk clean so I have 23G free, removin many old files, removing localization, but still same problem.

Has anyone experienced the same? And what is the remedy?

Thanks for answers.


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Try not using builds other than 7000, 7100, RTM & GA.

Try copying your DVD files to the HD and boot from there. You may have a DVD Reader that is having problems with your boot DVD.

Thanks guys,

I did it. I copied it from DVD to HD, but it is the same story. Still 21% after the first restart it fails!

Any other hints?


Sounds like a problem with your DVD.....how did you obtain it? You may have gotten some bunk media.

Sounds like a problem with your DVD.....how did you obtain it? You may have gotten some bunk media.
Thanks, but please read carefuly what I wrote :) I upgraded different PC with this media and I also copied content on HD and it did not make any difference. SO I believe, the problem must be somewhere else in the computer I am trying to upgrade now. But where.... :)

my apologies it wasn't clear that it was the same media for both systems at least not to my morning eyes! Don't have a lot of experience with upgrading,other than that something always fails be it an app or a driver i just as soon clean install. not sure where to go next or even that a clean install would workout better for you what is wrong with the build your currently running why the need to upgrade?

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