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I have been running Windows 7 64 Bit, for a while now. Ever since sp1 update I had errors and blue screens left and right literally. I did a clean install without sp1 this time, and still had many errors and blue screens. Just recently I switched over to 32 Bit. The difference between 64 bit and 32 bit, is that the "Nvidia-system- nforce memory controller" was a update in 32 bit, and not a update in 64 bit. I did not install the memory controller, and so far, all is well. The install from start to finish was alot smoother. Programs don't seem like they're locking up, and just sluggish as 64 bit was.
My question however is, Where is that update in 64 bit- (Nvidia-system- nforce memory controller)?
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The memory controller is probably (don't know for sure) part of the nForce chipset drivers. It seems the x32 and x64 updates are the same date, so perhaps there is a difference in the drivers giving you a problem.

I am still a little unclear about your comments concerning the SP1 update. If you did a clean install without SP1 and got the blue screens, it seems strange you did not have them the entire time. If you have a reference for the drivers as you indicate, would you post it, since it appears both the x32 and 64 are the same on the Nvidia site.


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Yes, concerning the sp1 update, I most likely had the errors, the whole time, but it wasn't as bad within the time period of sp1. I just noticed alot more errors and crashes, during that time period(from sp1 to present). I feel fairly certain the memory controller, that I choose to not install in 32bit is what fixed my problem with the 750i chipset. Currently I'm not having one single issue, and by now I would have, if I were running 64 bit. What strikes me to be odd, is that there isn't an OPTIONAL update for the memory controller in 64 bit. Where is that anyway, under device manager? or where can I find that controller to see what I'm using now? Just something I'm now curious about. Thanks