8.1.1 &Taskbar


There is something that has come as part of 8.1.1 that I wonder how many are aware of it or how nice it is. Traditionally or historically we have been accustom to Desktop & Taskbar. Not long ago came the ability to Pin things to Taskbar. Recently, that came to include the ability to Pin Store APPs, as well. W/ Windows 8 came the Start screen & ALL Applications screen or a Store APP on display, in addition to looking @ the good ole Desktop.
Now, some prefer Desktop, some don't like the Start screen, some do like it. In Win8 it is possible to be on Desktop and do or access everything from its Taskbar. This leads to the following... that Taskbar which, can be viewed as a 'hub' to all things, is, NOW, available to you all the time... whether you are looking @ Desktop, Start, ALL Applications or have a Store APP open, the Taskbar is always there for you... not, just & only on Desktop anymore.
I am not sure how many realise this & how useful & handy it is. The value of this increases several fold when the Desktop Toolbar is used & when the Applications (window) is on the Taskbar.
Anyway, merely wanted to bring forth the fact that the Taskbar now is there w/ you & for you, no matter what you have up on your monitor.