8 GB RAM Nightmare


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I installed Win7 64 on my machine, with 4GB of RAM, and everything was running beautifully.

I decided to up to 8GB, and at that point the system became basically unusable. Different memory tests all showed that the memory is fine, the motherboard supports 8 GB, and it showed up as such in the BIOS. But Win7 was a disaster, so I had to switch back.

Anyone else had this problem? I know it must sound like an extravagant question, but I do a fair amount of compilation and multimedia work on this machine, so I'd really like the RAM if it's at all possible.



Did you get the memory from the OEM of the computer? Are you sure that it is correct? Could be memory errors if motherboard doesn't support the speed of the ram. Go to the Crucial.com site. They have a configurator that you could use to ensure you got the correct memory.


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I second the above. It's quite possible your problems are with the ram/motherboard combo rather then Win 7.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R and supports up to 16gig of ram. It worked with 4 gig of G.Skill 1066 but not 8. I tested each stick of ram and each motherboard slot and all were fine. I spent quite a bit of time at the G.Skill forum trying to tweak the bios setting for the ram but I eventually gave up.

After doing some online research, I switched to 8gig of Kingston (4x2gig) and had alot less issues out of the box but still, from time to time, a crash. Searched some forums and found I needed to adjust the ram voltage in the bios. Did that and it has been stable since.

Good luck!


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I had to get RAM twice. The first batch didn't work right. I have an Intel motherboard and it insists the second batch be "identical" to the first batch.