8XXGM Series Video Driver on Win 7 - Tutorial

I have an older laptop with Intel 855GM chipset. I tried a lot of tutorials on the net but nothing worked for me. The driver used to revert back on standard Windows 7 native driver.
I was able to get everything working correctly finally :) . I put up a tutorial with correct driver for all of you who have older laptops with this chipset.
This method should be universal :).
The link for the tutorial:

Install 855GM Series Video Driver on Windows 7 - Tutorial

Please tell me if everything worked OK if you tried my tutorial. Post any questions if you want.

Problems, first--- my 700m got blank screen after your instruction step 5 (right after install the driver which you recommanded) I have to shut down the pc manually then restart again. after pc rastart, yes it does boot into 1280x800 but video won't play properly. Any solution??????????????

Some people reported that they had to shut down on Step 5 but after reboot it worked ok. The video playback works but remember, this driver is not native to windows 7 but if you use windows media player to play divx etc the video will freeze on minimizing or maximizing the screen. Just stop video maximize or minimize first, then press play and set the bar where you left of.

Or you can try to use like vlc player. I did not play around to see what other video drivers work but I can tell you that the newest one 14.​​19.​​50 did not work.

So there are up and downs for this driver but its better to have full resolution support and few quirks while playing movies than nothing at all.

k, u r rite, and we need a 100% solutions anyone please...............

my username is "aspire one" When ever I type in (icacls or ICACLS c:windows\system32\drivers\vgapnp.sys/G aspire one:F) I receive a message (Invalid psrsmeter "aspire")


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Without looking at exactly what you are trying to do with that command it is almost certainly down to the fact that you can't incorporate a space into parameters supplied to a DOS command. Remove the space from your username.

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