99% GPU Activity Problem


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Ok, i currently connect my LG Flatron W2361V Monitor & my HD 5830 GPU with a HDMI cable, however some times when i turn my monitor off & come back to turn it on it takes a long time to pic up a signal & when it does system feels slow. However after checking the Catalyst Control Centre is showed my GPU Activity was 99% & it stops like that until i reboot.

Anyone know what might be causing this & a way to fix it?



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HI VsUK, Can you do a little test for me please ... leave your Monitor ON when you close down your system try it a few times and see if you still have the problem.


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On left the monitor on & shut down completely & the monitor hit power saving mode then i booted back up 5 times & the most the GPU activity was 2%. I never have issues from booting up or rebooting, its only when i leave pc on & turn monitor off for a bit & come back to it & it takes a while & GPU activity is 99%.


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The '99% bug' is actually a driver fault. Which version of Catalyst are you using? Please update to the latest version where I believe the bug has been fixed for some.


If you find the bug is still present then you could try going back to an earlier version. This web page has a whole range of early drivers for you to try. I'd aim around 10.12 if need be..

download from Guru3D.com


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Hi, year after i made the reply yesterday i thought id check drivers & i was using 10.3 & am now using 10.5 the latest drivers so hopefully its fixed, if not i will be back :D

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