A couple of problems with the RC

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by blastoise, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    hi everyone, i downloaded the RC official build from the Microsoft website the other day and installed it. however have a few gripes that i wonder if they have been fixed or not?

    - firstly, when trying to click some of the windows on the taskbar preview to switch to them, sometimes they do not work and i have to click a number of times. however, my touchpad driver is up to date and worked well with vista so i assume it should work well here too.

    - secondly, and the most annoying bug is that a lot of the time when i double-click a folder on my desktop, it opens up the Folder Properties window and not the actual folder. i have not touched any of the folder settings, however i do remember this happening when Vista first came out and i was running that, so i don't know why they can't fix such a simple bug :mad:

    - thirdly, seem to be getting a lot of audio glitches. i have the latest Realtek AC97 audio drivers for my Toshiba Satellite M50 laptop and do have the SRS Audio Sandbox installed on top of that. however, i only run say windows media player and mozilla firefox 3.0.11 and playback stutters like every so often (maybe once every five to ten minutes). i don't understand how the wallpapers can change so smoothly and yet audio playback stutters :frown:

    anyways, mostly concerned about the second bug and wondering if it can be fixed, or has been fixed? it is annoying and scares me everytime it comes up

    actually just revised that, the bug keeps happening now and the only way i can get into the folders is by right-clicking and selecting Open

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