A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 Insider Preview on MVA

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    We are happy to announce that the Microsoft Virtual Academy training course, A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, is now available on demand. This video training course, delivered by experts Andy Wigley and Jerry Nixon, is aimed at helping developers understand the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform. To get started building apps using Visual Studio 2015 RC and the tools for Windows 10 (Technical Preview), watch the video and find the code here for all the samples used in this course.

    Does your UI adapt to changing conditions? We cover that in the course. Does your code adapt to different device-types? We cover that in the course. Does your application light up, leveraging the unique capabilities across Windows families? We cover that too. What about connecting devices, sharing data, and storing state? We cover all of these and more in the course.

    There are 22 modules:

    1. The Universal Windows Platform
    2. Store and Monetization
    3. XAML Controls
    4. XAML Databinding
    5. XAML Performance
    6. Adaptive Design
    7. Adaptive UI
    8. Adaptive Code
    9. File Management
    10. SQLite local database
    11. App to App communication
    12. Localizing your app
    13. Application lifecycle
    14. Background execution
    15. App Services
    16. Microsoft Web Platform
    17. Connected Experiences
    18. Navigation
    19. Networking and Cloud Services
    20. Live Tiles
    21. Porting 8.1 apps to UWP
    22. Sharing and Drag and Drop

    Since Windows 10 is currently in preview some details may change, including the next installment of A Developer’s Guide for Windows 10 targeting Windows 10 RTM. So, soak in this high-tech head start on app development and stay tuned for even more great training to come. Follow Andy Wigley (http://andywigley.com) and Jerry Nixon (http://jerrynixon.com) for more great content.

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