A distinctive system crash problem, has me stumped.

This one's really got me baffled. In any given session on my laptop, I can load pretty much any installed program, no problem. BUT, if I exit a system intensive program and load another one, either the same program a second time or a different one, the computer crashes on load. Always before the program starts, always with a black screen and that "in progress" blue ring- which is frozen.

I am unable to alt tab, ctrl alt del, or windows button out of it. Only a hard reset/reboot clears whatever the problem is.

This is consistent across many programs, usually games. At first I'd thought it was a particular game, then I thought it was Steam games, and I've eventually figured out it's a system wide problem.

I've had this hard drive set up for a couple of years, and there was a definite time a few months ago when this problem started. Never had it before, always have it now. I'd suppose this would mean it's something software related, but I have NO idea what.

I guess if I have to, it might be time to slick my hard drive and start over, but I'd really rather not do that unless I have to. Has anyone else out there run across anything like this?

The problem of system crash may be cause due to several reasons. Some common reason are some incompatible or corrupt game installed on PC, Your system got virus infected, it may be due to another software or may be some hardware problem. So find excate problem and I hope your problem will be solved.

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