A Doozy! 7 Home Premium 64bit, E-Machines and Kaspersky...

Evening all!

I have run into this absolutely fabulous little stinker of a problem that has pretty much everyone around me, including me of course, defeated!

I have a client which has purchesed three E-Machines G-725's pre-loaded with 7 Home Premium 64bit. I set up all three machines at exactly the same time, in exactly the same way, installed kaspersky workstation Two machines got Office 2007 and one got 2003.

I returned the laptops to the client and started the wireless setup. In all three cases not one of them had any problems connecting to the network and internet works. In two of the cases, the laptops would absolutely refuse to connect to any other pc's in the network. After plugging them into the lan it connects to other pc's fine but not on wireless. Also, on one pc I removed kaspersky, after which the problem disappeared. The other one I disabled Kaspersky in startup, which also solved the issue. On the third however, kaspersky is still active and THAT laptop has no problems whatsoever. I cannot begn to think that office is causing this to happen a the laptop that DOES work has the 2003 version while the other two runs 2007. The conspiracy theorist in me just had to bring that up. :)

All three these machines were connected to the wireless network at my office and had no issues in connecting to any segment of our network at any time, WITH kaspersky running.

I'm stumped, they're stumped, we're stumped. Anyone ever run into anything like this? If someone could shed light i'll buy you a beer.


You should check for the presence of mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager. If it exists, it's likely the source of issues.

Anyhow, these type of issues are your clients' and not yours. If the machine connects well on your lan wired and wireless but issues exist in their environment, that again is their issue.

The only way I could see this being an issue to you is if they're paying you for network-type support, which I am guessing is not the case.

You could try resetting the tcp/ip and Winsock configs back to how it is with a clean install of Windows. To do so, open an elevated command prompt. Copy/paste each line one at a time, hitting enter after each. Reboot when done:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

netsh winsock reset


If mdnsresponder.exe is on any machines and running, please let me know.

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May I suggest that you drop Kaspersky and go with MSE on said laptops and see what happens. If connections all work fine then we know it's with Kaspersky. Then try uninstalling and reinstalling kaspersky to verify issue. I have heard through the rumors that there was some sort of glitch with K and windows 7, don't know how true, just that I've heard. This could be the reason.

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Thanks for the speedy responses

I am, unfortunately, in charge of maintenance for this specific client, that's why it's my pain in the butt to have. :mad:

i'll be trying your methods just as soon as i get back to those laptops next week. And yeah it certainly does look like kaspersky related issue but still does not explain why two of them were affected and one just went on truckin'. I might try to compare working and non-working's kaspersky configurations to see if i can spot something.

Thanks so far. I'll get back to ya!

As for the explanation as to why one machine is affected and another isn't, who knows why. I've personally done OS installs on two identical machines and one have some type of failure and the other didn't. Speed, timing, bad part, registry error and the list goes on. Let us know what you find out for sure, I'm curious as to your final outcome.

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