Windows 7 a fix for Kodak ESP3 printers (may work with other Kodak products,,I dont know)


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May 29, 2009
OK this worked for me , but it might not for you (in other words you tried it and it didn`t work so dont blame me)
After HOURS of experimenting this worked for me!!!

Go to Kodaks main site.
Hover over all Kodak Products and Services.
Select Consumer Products / all in one printers / software / downloads & upgrades.

Choose Product / Printers / all in one / esp3 (or whatever) then hit "GO"

choose you Operating System (make sure you choose VISTA)

Download both the Software and the Firmware to your Desktop.

NOW, go to Control panel /Programs & Features.

Right click on Kodak AIO Home Center and UNINSTALL.

Now run the installer from the desktop, when complete run the Firmware.

Hope it works for you,, BECAUSE IT DID FOR ME!!!!
Tonic: Thanks for the instructions. I really happy that my printer has been installed in Windows 7.
I'm close, but not quite there! After uninstalling the old, not-working AiO software, I ran the installer for the new download from the desktop, which worked fine until it asked me to elect the connection method for the printer (in my case, USB cable) and to switch on the printer. After doing this, the software initially detects the ESP-3 and commences the driver installation, but eventually comes up with 'printer not detected'. I then attempted the formware upgrade, but this wouldn't detect the ESP-3 either! So frustrating! I'l keep trying, but any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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