Windows 7 A game in which you conquer territories.


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Hi there,
I would like to ask you if anyone knows a game in which your aim is to conquer territories.
For example Sniper Elite V2, but the problem is that you cannot choose your country.
It must be a tactical shooter, third-person view or first-person shooter such as Sniper Elite V2.
It must have the Europe recent map (the action to take place in this era).
Do not worry because I'm not a fanatic, :) but just curious.
Does anyone know?


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Battlefield 3 is a great team-oriented game. The latest addon "Armored Kill" introduced the Tank Superiority game mode, where a team has to work together to capture an area using tanks. Conquest and rush are classic Battlefield game modes with similar "capturing" principles and team play.


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@bobafanu, I presume this would be Windows based games... reasons, one of the titles poster mentioned was sniper elite v2 (which is out for the Windows, xbox360 and PS3 only platforms), and the other would be this is a windows based games forum... though, (you are correct about the 'etc.') the possibility is out there that the poster can also be talking about other possible FPS games and platforms in general.

I guess, I should have stated why I recommended ARMA II.

The game is held in the modern European theater (ARMA 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). While I do believe that you only play one side for the single player campaign, for multiplayer (which also includes community based mods, including DayZ), you can choose any sides... even civilian/rogue/independent in general.

There's also community made vehicles, example the VF1S Strike from Macross: VF-1S for ArmA II (Trailer) - YouTube

If you are interested in playing the game, without spending money. The game is free to play. Arma 2 free - Arma 2 Official Website. Certain restrictions does apply, scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking the link) for more details.

No, I have not played this game yet, because I lack the patience for playing this game.