A hidden recyclebin O_O


So a little background on how I got to my current situation then to the problem.

I have 2 WD Hard drives, (C:\)1 for speed (H:\)1 for space...

The fast one had windows XP on it which i ended up erasing and replacing with Win7.
The one for space I ended up transferring my text files, music, movies, games too.

Windows7 Installed like a charm pc runs fine butttt in my H:/ Drive I have a folder that appears empty yet in properties it has nearly 7 gigs of used space.....

I found out it was a hidden recyclebin when i clicked to "Encrypt" the folder.

So after everything I tried to 'recover' the files that I may have lost, I figured i'd give you guys a shot of it first before just deleting the folder.


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Bump perhaps?

Try taking ownership of the folder. In Win7 this is very easy, right click and select "take ownership". There are other ways to gain access as well, through properties->security for the folder. However if it the "recycler" folder, it is just stuff you hadn't emptied from the recycle bin after deleting from that drive.

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